Dev Log #12 – Neil D – Tutorial Contd.

This Week

I have been working on the Tutorial and the Battle Menu this week. The Tutorial is basically finished, except that the Status Effect Tutorial Script is missing, so that one is not implemented. 

The Battle Menu is almost done. I ran into a problem where the previous battle information couldn’t be saved. I think it’s something of C# language that I don’t know, so I am gonna ask about it in the next meeting and fix it.

Things are running a little behind schedule because some of the nuisances were a little bit tricky to fix and the Battle Menu is a huge pain.

Next Week

So far I haven’t received any notification about the incoming tasks. I think we are in a good shape now. Daye is merging all of our changes. The merge process can sometimes go wrong and result in data loss or mismatching. If that ever happened, then my job would be fixing it. Let’s hope that not to be the case.


“The night is the darkest just before the dawn.” I’ve heard and seen this expression many times in different places. The first time I’ve heard about it is from the Dark Knight. It’s such a grieving and a solemn line. Whenever the artworks use this line, that means a catastrophic tragedy is gonna happen the next. It’s hard to get through a storming night, and it’s harder when you realize it is not the only one. But I guess “what doesn’t kill you simply makes you stranger.” At the end of the day, we will all have changed. “Let’s put a scar on that face” and, “Why so serious?” 

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