Dev Log #12 – Brandon Crespo – Its finally done (almost)

This Week

This week I finally finish fixing the last bug in Gackle’s boss bout. I figured out a way to determine if there were no enemy or ally fans left to determine a win or loss. I just had the code count up the number of allies and enemies. With this, I subtracted the number of fans that are being converted to the other side and if any reaches 0 then it determines a win or loss based on which side reaches 0. Then I went to ORK to have the events that control Otto and Gackle’s entertain to put nodes that check fields of a script.

Next, I started on the tutorials witch I needed a bit of clarification on what was wanted to be added. After the clarification, I started the addition of the movement tutorial which needed a quest so I had to read up on how to use Quest Machine. I have yet to finish this tutorial but I belive it is almost done.

Plans for next week

The Plans for next week are to finish the rest of the tutorials assigned to me and after add the animations to the fans in Gackels boss bout.

This week’s media

This week’s media is a showcase for 34 different demos of games from indie studios. These demos will be available to play this week only from June 21st – 27th as long as you have an Xbox Series X|S or an Xbox One. Also, most of these demos do not represent the full game at release and will just be used for feedback to help improve their games. So if you want to help some indie studios here is a way to do it. I know I will be giving at least 1-2 of these a try.

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