Last Week

With brooks help I finished up the sequencing guide for the top floor of Ottos house in Monochrome. This was a fun project and I hope to get to help with more sequencing guides in the future. I also got my hands on the Rosset Unity project and started messing around with test levels to see what I could get the game to do.

This Week

This week I am going to review my level with Vince and move on to the next steps with Rosset, and get all of my files exported and send to Brook for the sequencing guide. After that I am going to dive into reading the DVNC Game Design Workbook which is going to be a task considering it is over 200 pages

Weekly Media

I got this game, when I got my VR back at the start of quarantine. But it was not until a few weeks ago that I got a computer powerful enough to play it. I have not had much time to enjoy it yet, but the moments I have spent in the world of Half Life Alyx have been mind-blowing. This game, and Boneworks, set the gold standard for what VR can be, and it honestly makes me incredibly excited for where the medium will go in the future. 

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