This Week

I’ve continued with the tasks I was given last week for the past few days. I’m doing marketing things so it’s been a bit tough trying to figure that out and properly learn what everything means. I’m by no means a marketing oriented person so I’ve had a lot to learn. I’m also setting up project and marketing plans for a new project, so I’ve been calculating and implementing due dates and the like. 

I’m also doing world building for Rosett. I’ve been given the task of fleshing out the history of the world. I submitted a very rough draft on Monday that was not nearly detailed enough, so I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me in the next few days. I’ve been a writer for a very long time but I don’t feel that I’ve ever sat down and really done world building like this so I hope to learn some about it. I think this will be very good practice for me!

Finally, I was reading a lot of stuff related to Monochrome last week, and though I’m not actually writing the new ending, I believe we’re set to go over it on Thursday, so that should be interesting. 

Next Week

I’ll have to continue with the marketing tasks I’ve been given next week. My final draft of the worldbuilding doc is due next week. While it is technically final, I do expect there will be some feedback and I’ll have to redo and review some things. 

I have plenty of other work upcoming as well to get started on, like some more marketing things and competitor research. I haven’t gone into depth on those tasks yet, however, so I’m not entirely sure what they will entail.

Star Guardian Event Teaser

Riot released this teaser for the upcoming Star Guardian event in League of Legends. Feel as you may about the game, you have to admit that Riot’s cinematics and other art is incredible. I’m a big fan of the SG skin line in the game and we haven’t gotten a new SG event in a few years, so I’m excited to see what the skins look like and how the event plays out. 

This teaser is interesting as there’s hints to all the new champions in the skinline, which have been fun to find. I have my qualms with League, but I’m really excited to see what Riot does with this event, as it should be one of the biggest for the year. I really hope they release some more cinematics or even comics, as these are usually done very well.

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