Dev Log #13 – Brandon Crespo – Adding new tutorials

This week

This week I finish three of the tutorials that were assigned to me. The first is a tutorial to show the player how to move. After looking at how to create a quest in Quest Machine and use it I created one for this tutorial. I created a conditional node to show the player in the quest hud how to move around and on the success node, I had a conversation play to end it.

After a few tests, I noticed that the cutscene for Otto brushing his teeth kept playing after the conversation for this tutorial. I also tried moving where the conversation started and changing what conversation started and no matter what I did the cutscene kept playing. This made me look at the sink where the cutscene was supposed to play and noticed that it was because a conditional was met to activate the cutscene. So I added another conditional to make the cutscene stop playing where it was not needed.

Then I tested it more but the cutscene kept playing. This made me find a way that made the cutscene not show but did not make sense to anyone testing it. I made the condition to start the cutscene only be if the movement quest failed and made the quest fail at the start of the sink conversation.

I then went to start the other tutorials and when looking up if the way I am thinking how to do them was possible when I found that you can start a conversation in a script. With this, I changed the movement tutorial to have it not become success till Otto talks to the sink and have the conditional changed back to success. This worked completely and now it does make sense. 

With that out of the way, I worked on the other two tutorials which were easy to implement as I just had to create a script that every item on the first floor used to determine if Otto has approached them. If Otto has then for the first time start a conversation to tell the player how to interact with the object.

Plans for next week

The plans for next week is to work on some bugs found in the build and finally add the walk animations to the fans in the boss bout.

This week’s media

This week I got back into a game that I really enjoyed before but just got bored because I played it too often. Legends of Runeterra is a card game like Hearthstone but honestly way better. Runeterra has a game mode that is called Path of champions which is PvE instead of the usual PvP. It allows you to go on multiple adventures with different champions that have different abilities, playstyles, and decks to match them and on the adventures, you can choose the path of A.I. that you want to face and the rewards you would prefer.

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