This Week

This week I finished up the Rosett worldbuilding document I’d been working on. I was writing out the history for the world, so basically what comes before the game picks up. Vince approved it on Monday and seemed to really like what I’d written, which was great to hear. I was fairly nervous about it as worldbuilding in a longform format is pretty new to me.

Aside from finishing that up, I’m making an Excel/Sheets sheet for the Quant table I’ve already been working on. I haven’t worked with Excel or Sheets all that much but I don’t anticipate it’ll be too bad.

Lastly, I’m working with Airtable for the first time in order to organize future feedback on Rosett. I’m taking existing Monochrome tables and basically converting them to be used for Rosett. This is like a cross between project management and marketing work, so I’m happy to get more work in this area.

Next Week

Next week I’ll be continuing the Rosett Airtable work. I’ll also be doing some competitor research and writing up a doc for that. In upcoming weeks I’ll also be getting started on some work for a Rosett vertical slice, including the launch strategy and budget. 

I also expect to get some more worldbuilding writing work for Rosett, which I’m excited to get started on. I’m not sure which part of the worldbuilding I’ll be doing, however.


With the Steam Summer Sale ongoing, I’ve been considering buying the game Spiritfarer, which has been on my wishlist for over a year. It’s a game about helping spirits travel to the afterlife, in which you play as a ferrymaster. 

You have to craft and build things for your ferry and make sure all the spirits are happy. This game looks really pretty and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. My friends that have played it tell me it’s really emotional but definitely worth playing. Along with the countless other games I’ve been wanting to pick up, I’m really considering taking advantage of the Summer Sale this year.

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