Last Week

Same as the week before, I worked on adding ideas to the vertical slice asset list document. So far these are just for the training and forest areas. I originally focused on plants and trees but expanded further as I went on. 

I decided to add animals to the list such as owls, squirrels, maybe even a cat. I discussed this with one of the staff members the other day. We both thought it would be cool if they could be enemies and/or obstacles you encounter as you venture through the forest.

I also worked on a couple more foliage pieces. I was having difficulty figuring out what else I wanted to draw and how to add a glowy/futuristic kind of vibe until I came across a picture of a water lily. Which by the way, are one of my favorite flowers. So, I decided to go with that and let my imagination take the wheel.


This Week + Next Week

This week, I’ve been tasked with drawing 3 examples of characters from Rosett’s world & style. I’ve also been tasked with drawing 3 examples of futuristic environments in Rosett’s world. 

Environment pieces can be a lot for me sometimes. When I start something, I have to finish it in one sitting. Otherwise, it will bother me to no end. So, I’ll be working on the characters first since they’re smaller and then next week I’ll move on to the environments. 

I think drawing out the foliage examples first was a good idea because it’s helped me with planning out what color schemes to use and what assets will be in the environments.

Back with another music playlist

I’m finally back from vacation… 😭 Now that I’m back, I can focus a little better on my work. I love Persona music, especially 4’s soundtrack. I found a good study/chill playlist I can draw to as I work on my art tasks. If you wanna do your work along with Yu Narukami, then click the video link down below and get to work!

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