This week

This week started off with a push of the tutorials I made. After that, I pulled and merged my branch with the most up-to-date version of the game. When the merge was finished I was tasked with a few bugs to locate and fix. After a bit, I did notice that there was something wrong with my version of the game. 

As I went through more and more bugs that were fixed before by Neil kept appearing. When looking this over I thought that the merge may have not gone so smoothly. So since It seemed a bit complicated to unmerge, I created a new branch from the most updated game file. Then I manually put all the changes I made for the tutorials into this build.

When all was said was done the build seemed to work perfectly fine. With it working properly I went back to find the bugs that were assigned to me like switching a pun Otto made to the color white, fixing the victory music for the creeper, and changing the location of a cutscene that was in the wrong place. But with all three of these bugs, I looked multiple times to find them but they never showed up, so they may have just been bugs for a certain build of the game.

The last thing I did this week moved a cutscene to be right behind another cutscene to flow better.

Plans for next week

The plan for next week is to finish finding and fixing all the bugs left that were given to me. Then add walk animations to the fans.

This week's media

This week’s media comes from a tweet showing an early version of what Halo Infinite gameplay/cutscenes would have looked like. I really like Halo as it is now but I would really like to see if this vision was followed through and how different the game would be today.

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