This Week:

This week was the rough start of beginning anew, where as I have transitioned mostly out of marketing and have begun to explore other ventures. My focus still remains in focusing on account growth for the numerous social media accounts, however I have begun to start exploring doing other works which will hopefully become more consistent in the coming weeks. Otherwise, I’ve spent much time rediscovering my other interests in terms of development and elsewise.

My Plans For Next Week:

My plans for the upcoming week include testing the waters with design work, assisting alongside another COOP member. My hope is to explore what this field can offer to see what I find my best both effectiveness and enjoyment out of and push my limits within it. Aside from design work, I have been considering my openness to writing, coding and other possibilities.

I’ve also decided for myself to take a careful step away from an excessive amounts of media. My hope is to desaturate a lot of what my life has become in a hope to make my works more pleasurable and to a higher quality.

My Choice Of Media:

My choice of media for this week is a game I’ve recently begun to play within my group of friends; The Forest. It is a survival game with a focus of escape that has become an enjoyable playthrough as we progress, I’ve loved the storyline and the majority of the mechanics so far.

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