Dev Log #14 – Theresa Merritt – Art

Last Week

Last week, I submitted few of my foliage work and began working on a few background environments for the forest areas. As I mentioned before, we are going for a futuristic/sci-fi kind of vibe so some of the references consisted of bright and vibrant areas filled with bizarre plants and fruits that glow. In my concept pieces I tried to add a few weird plants here without it being overkill and blinding people.

I also worked on a character design. Suppposed to create 3, but I spent more time on environment art so this is what I have so far. Got feedback yesterday so as I’m creating the next few characters, I will be focusing more on the futuristic vibe that we’re going for and incorporate that in their designs.

This Week + Next Week

This week, I’ll be working on 2 other character designs. I’m going to be thinking more about the color schemes for the characters, their clothes and accessories as well as their weapon designs. I will also be working on 3 additional environment pieces but with characters in them, possibly interacting with the environment.

Next week, if I finish my art tasks this week, I will be moving on to the Rosett brand guide. There’s not much I can say about this as I still need to get more information on what I will be doing exactly and what resources I need. Once I start, I will be working on the rough draft.

Media This Week

A friend of mine showed me a video a few weeks ago from this guy’s Youtube channel and thought it was hilarious. I really like his humor so I’ve been watching a lot of his videos since then and just thought I’d share if you’re looking for something new to watch.

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