Dev Log #15 – Brandon Crespo – Going through the bugs

This week

This week I did not finish much when it came to the bugs. I went through the game and noticed a few bugs that were not listed, like a spinner appearing in the middle of every bout and the boss not working as I made it. I saw what happened and noticed that the ORK settings did not transfer for the boss bout.

After looking a bit for potential fixes and not finding any that did not require me to redo anything I went to my manager for help. We looked through the version I had and then the early access version of the game and noticed that the early access version completely worked even though I branched my version from it. So he suggested that I try rebuilding the build which did not work.

One of the last things I did was branch off of the early access branch again and instead of pulling my last update of tutorials, I found out what I did and completely redid it in this new branch. After that was done I looked through everything to make sure it was working properly and it was. 

I then went through the completed bug fixes that seemed to be build related to check if any appeared and was thankful none did. The last thing I did was work on a bug that caused Gackle to repeat his opening conversation with Otto after you beat him. This seemed like an easy fix by just adding a check that the 4th quest is not successful and then activate the conversation but it seemed to cause the two cutscenes that shoe during a victory to overlap. This was eventually fixed by disabling the past cutscene’s game object.

Plans for next week

The plan for next week is to finish the bugs given to me up.

This week’s media

This week’s media is to show that no one is safe from false information. What started as a meme in a 4chan post quickly turned into fake news that multiple news stations used for their own news. The legendary video game developer Hideo Kojima resembled the man who killed Japan’s former prime minister, Shinzo Abe, and the meme linked the resemblance between Kojima and the killer. This meme gained traction on 4chan and quickly turned to rumors of false information. Kojima Productions the studio that Kojima made soon tweeted that they strongly condemn the spread of fake news and are considering taking legal action against some of the cases.

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