This Week:

This week is a combination of two works, namely the continuation of account growth and assisting in new areas of work. The account growth continues the same, my focus involves in reaching new accounts through followings namely on Twitter and slowly balancing out the follow ratio across all the medias.

My other work includes being an option of assistance for other works relating to DVNC such as design, writing or so on. I’ve expressed my openness to experimenting with new fields in a hope to try more things and this has led me to become a viable person for assistance.

My Plans For Next Week:

My plans for the upcoming week are namely to continue the account growth while also getting more involved with assisting others in their work. I’m slowly working away at practicing individually in new fields and I’m hopeful to see if I can experiment with new skills and see if any of them bring more positive results. Otherwise, it is to hopefully continue along with this as we near the 3/4th mark.

My Choice Of Media:

My choice of media for this week is an older game named ‘Planetside 2’ which is a online multiplayer game focused on planet conquest. I’m relatively new to it but I love the mass conquest involved in the three factions fighting for territory.

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