This Week

By the end of the last week, I found some issues in the Gackle Bout, so I’ve been working on those plus the ones I was assigned. 

Some problems are:

1: The ally move animation was not shown in the Gackle Bout. We decided to play the animation the same way we did in the Actor Bout, in which a new ally prefab is spawned and animated.

2: The fans when pulled over were rendered inside the stage. The fan’s position in the Gackle Bout had been adjusted to make sure all fans are on the stage and all of them could be seen.

3: There were some bugs left from the damage system refactorization from last time. As a result, some damages were done twice. The damage system had been tested and fixed.

Next Week

The thing on my hand right now is to fix the items. I have gone through all of the items and listed down the questions I have about the fixes. The next thing to do is to make sure all of the items we have right now do the exact thing it is meant to do. 

Some things to fix about the items are: 

1: Adding the graphical indication of the status effects. 

2: The “sleepy” does not work properly when it’s stacked.

3: Possible adding a transition turn if the enemy is under the “sleepy” effect.


This is the picture of the Southern Ring Nebula released by NASA recently. The image is taken using the James Webb Telescope. The reason it is a big deal is because of the quality of the picture and the shorter time it takes compared to the Hubble Space Telescope.

I am not a physicist. I just want to express my admiration for the universe here. It’s the most beautiful picture I’ve ever seen. It looks like a portal to a new world. The blue part has an unspeakable charm that just draws my mind in.

Looking at the picture makes me feel how small we are. All of the troubles we have right now are nothing if we set our view on the universe. It would be great if we all could stop all the unnecessary conflicts and just explore the beauty of things much greater than us.

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