Dev Log #15 – Theresa Merritt – Art Fun

Last Week

Last week, I worked another set of environment art but this time with characters. As I worked on the pieces, I was focusing heavily on composition, lighting, and scale of the characters. Here are the 3 that I worked on:

The first and second one are definitely the weakest. Vince wanted me to experiment with different color schemes, so I tried to use a mix of cool and warm colors in the first one and just warmer colors in the second, but failed to capture the bioluminescent atmosphere that’s presented in the third piece and the others from the week before last.

I’ve also worked the last two character designs. When I worked on the first design (Character 2 out of 3), I originally gave her baggy pants and leather boots. However, when I showed Vince, we both agreed that the clothing appeared to be more steampunk than cyberpunk which is the look we’re going for. So, I went back and changed some details into what you see here:

For the last design, I kinda went a little crazy on adding belts and baggy clothing as well as creating a crazy hairstyle. I honestly felt like Tetsuya Nomura in that moment because of the spiky hair and the insane amount of belts that man adds to all of his characters. If you don’t believe me, look up his design for Lulu from Final Fantasy X, it’s wild.

This Week + Next Week

This week, I was tasked with recreating one of the environment pieces from last week using 3/4 perspective and mobile screen dimensions. I basically just combined the assets in pieces (mushrooms, exotic plants/flowers) and placed them wherever they best fit.

Next week (technically starting this week but will flow into next week), I’ll be working on the brand guide draft. I’m currently just gathering references given to me by staff and other resources then I will start putting it all together. 

I’ll also be working on concept art for the Followers. I’m extremely grateful for DVNC for giving me the opportunity to work on concept art for Project Rosett. Especially the character art, I love designing characters and hope to specialize in that area of game design in the near future.

This Week’s Media

Are you a big fan of the Mario Party series? If so, what’s your favorite in the series? Mine’s Mario Party 7 (GCN). I’ve been playing it a lot recently and have been listening to the soundtrack when I discovered in my recommended that there’s a 24/7 stream of someone’s gameplay from all the games in the series. I had no idea this existed, but I’m not that surprised. It’s pretty good to have on in the background if you’re working on stuff.

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