Last Week

Last week I was tasked with creating a Unity project where a player was able to Create/login to an account, spend real money to buy virtual currency and then spend that virtual currency to purchase in game items which would get saved to their inventory. To do this I used a service called Xsolla which made it significantly easier. That being said it was still very time consuming getting everything set up and there were quite a few challenges along the way but I managed to get it done. There are still a few things left to do, such as making items in your inventory consumable, but I currently have a working system.

This Week

This week I am going to finish up that system, or at least get it as close to done as I can, and then move on to some more Rosett focused work. I was brought in on the first 90 day dev cycle for Rosett and there is some preliminary user survey work we have to get out of the way I am going to be helping out on. I am also going to try and find 10 people to help playtest Rosett with me, I may not get that done this week, but there is a chance.

Weekly Media

Stray just came out yesterday and I am very excited to play it. I have not yet, but it is currently downloading as I write this devlog so by the time we have the weekly meeting I will have dipped my toes into it. I remember when the trailer for the game came out back in 2020. I was very excited for it then and am very curios to see how it is going to be now that is is released.

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