Dev Log #16 – Theresa Merritt – Art & Brand Guide

Last Week

Last week, I worked on the ¾ perspective of the blue forest environment art I drew a few weeks ago. I also worked on a concept piece for the Followers from Rosett. I was trying to create concept art for the Adventurer follower but I’m not sure if this design screams adventurer to anyone. I’ve been able to get the style of the clothing down, but I’m still struggling in trying to make certain characters look older:

Vince had me put together a personal reference document as a guide for future concepts of characters and environments for Rosett. I spent some time compiling references he sent to me as well as doing some research to find similar styles.

This Week + Next Week

This week I’ve been working on the Rosett brand guide in Canva. Once I finish the draft, I’ll be spending more time on concept art for the followers as that’s high priority right now.

On Monday, we had our first 90-day cycle meeting for Rosett and we’ve all been assigned with completing a few things: A lean business model canvas, a customer factory, and a campaign proposal for Rosett. I’ll be working on those this week as well.

Next week, I will still be working on concept art. There are many types of followers for Rosett so there’s a lot to do. I’ll be switching back and forth a bit between the art and working on the Rosett Style guide and possibly the final draft of the brand guide.

Media This Week

I’ve been listening to this 1-hour extension of Lilypichu’s piano cover of Song of Storms from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It’s great for relaxation, sleep, or just need something to help you focus. I got myself a kalimba for my birthday last year and decided to pick it up again to learn this song and I finally got it down. Woohoo!

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