Dev Log #16 – Brandon Crespo

This week

This week started with me fixing Gackle’s colliders when you beat him since it broke. The next thing I did was fix the music in the Gackle bout to loop since it stopped after the song finished. For this one, I found something in unity that could fix it but just so I did not do things that did nothing I asked my manager if the music was done in the ORK framework. He then showed me where in ORK framework it was and noticed that the loop button was not checked so he fixed that one.

Next was the Carin journal not opening up in the basement. After a bit of looking, I could not find anything that turned off the journal but I did know how to activate the journal so I did just that and fixed it. After this bug fix, I went to charge my computer and noticed that the charger did not work. So for two days, I did not work because I did not have a computer.

I tested my charger on a few things that it could charge and made sure that it was not the ports on my computer that broke and it was just my charger. Which turned out to be the case thankfully. One of the last things that I worked on was a bug that caused the speaker to get stuck in a walking loop after getting pulled to Otto’s side. This bug I’m still working on by just adding all the walk animations to the fans.

Plan for next week

The plan for next week is to continue with the one to two bugs I have left and then work on some new stuff.

This week’s media

This week’s media is about the game multiverses. A platforming, fighting game that involves a bunch of characters from different properties. The beta just started on July 19th, watching a streamer play it for an hour and getting a code from a twitch drop. Along with that, the 26th will be the start of the open beta when you can just download the beta. The beta has yet to get a end date and overall trying it out for myself it is a really good game.

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