Dev Log #16 – Neil D – Item Fixes

This Week

At the end of last week, I checked through the items and listed out the things that I need to fix. This week I had been fixing them. Most of them are done now. There is one thing buggy left that I just found out today. 

The way ORK handles the turns in the battle is weird. The only thing that’s left is the “sleepy” effect. The problem is that if the enemy has any skills that put the player to sleep, the player could never wake up because the “sleepy” effect is only removed when the enemy’s turn starts. All of the ORK settings for turn duration have this problem. I’ll examine it and try to either find a fix or a compromise.

Next Week

The other thing I have in hand right now is to change the save system; the player will be given an option to save rather than the system doing it automatically. This and the problem I mentioned above are the only things right now. Hopefully, there isn’t anything left for this scene. Can’t wait to move into the next scene.


It’s been a while since the last time I recommended a song, so I’m gonna do it for this week’s media. This week’s song is “Stairway to Heaven”, an old Rock song. The name says it’s a stairway to heaven, but the bass line is descending chromatically. Jimmy Page’s solo in this live is legendary. I don’t know what to say. It’s a masterpiece, just listen to it.

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