This Week

So far this week, I’ve continued adding games to the Rosett Competitor Analysis, done some Rosett worldbuilding, and played some mobile gacha games to get a better feel for them. I still have some things to do for the Competitor Analysis but I’m slowly getting through some more games for a more comprehensive review.

As for Rosett worldbuilding, I came up with some of the non-magic technology that can be seen in the world. This was no easy task as so much of the tech depends on magic, but I was able to come up with some things I felt fit into the theme. I focused mostly on the First Capital, but as I learn more about the other four capitals I’d love to flesh this out more!

Finally, I played a handful of gacha mobile games. My favorite of the bunch was actually World Flipper, as it was pretty different from the others in terms of playstyle. You fight basically using pinball mechanics, launching your team at enemies with flippers at the bottom of the screen. However, every game was slightly different, which I thought was cool considering they have the same basic mechanics and concepts. 

Next Week

I’m going to continue adding to the Competitor Analysis next week. I’ll also be continuing my work on Rosett. I was assigned work on the Arts and Entertainment of the First Capital, and I already have some ideas so I’m looking forward to writing that. 

I also have to update a GDD I made for the prototype design of Rosett. I had been basing it on some existing Rosett GDDs, but I have some ideas for what to add.

Don't Starve Together

I recently picked up the game Don’t Starve Together and have been playing it with my boyfriend. It’s a pretty interesting game, and there’s a ton to learn. I’ve never played it before now and it’s a fairly tough game! 

The main objective, which is to not starve, seems easy enough at first. But as the game progresses, it gets harder to find sufficient food or you simply forget you need to find food as you’re doing other things. Overall, it’s a cool survival game with a really unique art style that I’m enjoying.

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