Last Week

Last week, I worked on some campaign/marketing documents for our second Rosett 90-day cycle meeting this past Monday. The deadline was this Sunday but I submitted them a bit early so I could focus on my other work. I will say I was pretty nervous when I first saw the documents because I’m not too knowledgeable in this area of game design. Thankfully as I went along things began to make more sense and Vince said everything looked great!

I also finished creating a basic brand guide for Rosett. Vince reviewed it during last week’s meeting and gave me some feedback as well as some changes I needed to make. 

This Week + Next Week

This week, I’ve been working on a more formal version of Rosett’s brand guide in Canva. While I’ve been working on that, I’ve also been working on more follower concept art. Here are my mage and rogue designs:

During Monday’s Rosett, meeting Vince told us we’ll be splitting into two teams to carry out the interview process, so I’ll be meeting with my team later today to discuss it and figure out who’s doing what.

Next Week, I’ll be polishing up the brand guide if any changes need to be made after I finish the second version. I’ll also be working on more concept art for the followers. I’ve honestly been having a blast with creating these designs, especially the clothing for the characters. I like the aesthetic we’re going for, and every time I add an accessory or an extra detail to the clothing, I just want to keep adding more.

Media This Week

I found another playlist the other day for studying/relaxing and thought I’d share. BoTW’s soundtrack is just so well done. I listen to it as I work and sometimes I listen to it to calm myself down or when I’m having a hard time falling asleep. Some of my favorite tracks from the game are Temple of Time, Gerudo Town (Night), and Hateno Village (Day). What are yours?

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