This week

This week I started finishing adding the walking animations for the fans in the boss bout. This one took me a bit because at first, I thought that all I needed was to run the walk animations for ally and enemy fans with the respective scripts. When this did not work I thought that Neil’s updates to the animations but it was just because the animation nodes for the combatants were not named right for the script calls.

My code then worked fine for my move fan function but for the switch side function, it broke completely. After trying a bunch of different ways to fix this I eventually asked for help from my manager and as soon as I shared my screen I knew what was wrong. The class for the combatant changes when they switch sides so it was trying to use a script that it did not have. I eventually found a way to check the combatant’s type which I thought was not possible and use it for the check instead of the combatant’s class.

Next, I made it possible for the player to collect items with a left mouse button along with the spacebar. This task I thought was going to be one that seemed easy but was complicated but it thankfully turned out to be just easy. Lastly, I am working on finishing re-adding a change of a cutscene placment.

Plans for next week

My plan for next week is to fix the last bug assigned for me and most likely find any other bugs that I can while fixing the one.

This week's media

This week’s media is a game I have been playing for a bit and just finished. Tunic is an indie game that was just so much fun. You start off in a world you don’t know anything about and don’t even know the language. You go around figuring out what to do and collecting pages that create a game guide that used to be a part of every game when there were no digital downloads.

The game guide helps you in some aspects but overall it’s up to you because some guides are in a language you don’t understand. Overall I really recommend this game and while you’re playing it if you can’t figure out what to don’t look it up just take a rest from the game for a day and usually you will figure out what to do in a bit.

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