This Week:

This week was a mash up of working on the ’90 Day Cycle’ for Rosette and working on design works. The collective group has begun working on a multitude of tasks relating to heavily pushing Rosette in a more marketable direction and the tasks include a lot of research about exactly understanding the focus of the project, the audience sought and how to reach them.

My other works included working on documentation for collecting a list of art assets needed for Rosette and its basic foundations. I’ve spent my time both listing and creating a mock up in Canva and hope to continue into that.

My Plans For The Upcoming Week:

My plans for this ongoing week are mainly listed as the continuation of my marketing tasks, to complete the Canva UI mock ups for Rosette and to eventually do more bug testing work as it was something I was hoping to find time for. I’ve settled into the design work and with the remaining weeks of this COOP hope to help out wherever within this field. I’ll continue on as well with the 90 day cycle as it goes through its phases.

My Choice Of Media:

My choice of media for this week is to highlight Silksong, the follow up to Hollow Knight. I never ended up properly getting invested into the game but I am still incredibly interested in the direction and excitement revolving around the sequel project.

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