Dev Log #17 – Neil D – All The Things Come Back To You

This Week

This week is composed of three things:

1: Merging the changes. It turned out that many of the programming members made changes in the ORK framework. As a result, the team leader had to merge each change manually. Some changes didn’t get merged, so we had to go back and forth.

2: I was unable to find a way to fix the combatant move order in the bout scene. The solution the people from the ORK forum gave didn’t work; they told me to upgrade our ORK, but when I did, other things broke. In the end, we decided that instead of applying “sleepy” at the beginning of the term, we would change the hit chance of the “sleepy” status effect.

3: Now players can save and load their game progress. The “save” functionality is so convenient during the testing. I couldn’t believe we didn’t have it.

Next Week

I have nothing on my hands right now, so I don’t know what exactly will I be working on next week. There are still some minor issues with the “Next Fest” scene, so I will probably work on them.


What came to your mind when you saw this week’s log title? 

All the tasks that were left unfinished came back to me. They were the dues I had to pay. Anyways, rock and roll. Enjoy.

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