Dev Log #17 – Nicole Harmon

This Week

I’ve worked on a few things so far this week. In terms of project management, I made a quant chart for Rosett and a Prototype Status Doc. The Prototype Status Doc consists of several charts with to-dos in areas like writing and art assets. This allows for an easy visual representation of the current progress on the game. 

I also got to create the Arts and Entertainment worldbuilding document for Rosett. I went through and came up with a few different things for both the upper and lower classes in the First Capital, as both live very different lives which naturally affects entertainment. I’ve been really enjoying the worldbuilding and writing assignments. 

Next Week

I’ll continue adding to the Rosett Competitor Analysis next week. I also need to go back and fix a few things like the Rosett Positioning Doc and the Prototype GDD. Both need a few updates and changes.

I’ve also been assigned the worldbuilding doc for politics in Rosett, which will be pretty complicated to write but should be a fun challenge. 

Everything Goes On – LoL

A few weeks ago I posted about the current event that is happening in League of Legends, which is centered around a skin line called Star Guardians. As part of this event, Riot collaborated with Porter Robinson to make a song and animated a music video themed around Star Guardians. 

I love the aesthetic of the video and while it does go into some deeper lore around SG, I think anyone can enjoy it. It very much feels like watching an anime, and I hope Riot continues to use this style for other events. 

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