This week

This week was a bit of a tough one first I worked on having the quest HUD close when the Carin menu was opened. First I started by using the code to close and open the quest HUD with the Q key and put it in the Tab key which opens the Carin menu. When that did not work I thought it was ORK just making things wired so I had the code call the TAB key through ORK and that still did not work. Next I tried moving it out of the if else’s to just see if that worked but it did not. While looking around I found that the script that the code was in was being disabled when the Carin menu was pulled up so I moved it to another script and it worked perfectly.

Next, I worked on fixing a bug that appeared on me adding the left mouse click to collect items. While this worked it caused the skip button to only work with the spacebar and no longer a mouse click. So I tried a bit of looking around for a way to add key presses in ORK with more than one key. At first, I thought that key combos would work but that only allowed one sequential key press order. So eventually after looking at the skip button for the cutscene I made a new ORK key and had the cutscene skip button call on that instead of the Poke key.

Lastly, I worked on moving 2 cutscenes to play right after each other. This one took an absurd amount of time because no matter what I did it did not want to work. Eventually, I got it to work half of the time by making the game object they were tied to no longer a child of another game object. Then after a bit more tests and trials, I got it to work.


Plans for next week

Plans for next week are to fix any bugs assigned to me or implement anything given to me.

This week's media

This week’s media revolves around a show that you most likely have heard of on Youtube at least once. It is an original show created by the YouTuber Vivziepop and is completely free to watch on youtube. The first episode of season 2 has come out and I absolutely love the way this show plays out. If you want a show to make you laugh then this show will be perfect for you. The video below is the pilot and I recommend giving the show a three-episode watch to determine if you like the show or not.

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