Dev Log #18 – Jack Heyen

This Week:

This week was a relatively uneventful week as it was mostly the continuation of the Project Rosette 90 day cycle work, my design works and my marketing tasks. This week has been another step into the laid out plan for the 90 day cycle process and we have been collaborating within our set teams to assign template works and work on those.

My design work has led me to wrap up my UI mock-ups within Canva and my marketing tasks on the continuation of doing work with Twitter and Tweepi in the aspect of account growth.

My Plans For Next Week:

My main focuses for this week are namely going to be assisting another coop member with some of there design work and to continue with the 90 day cycle process. Life has been growing exceedingly busier with the next school term slowly coming and the prospect of many moving aspects becoming more involved. A lot of internal planning to manage, but the main focus within this COOP will be with the continuation of my existing works.

My Choice Of Media:

My choice of media for this week is to highlight saturation diving. Saturation diving is a very technical field focused at diving at obscene depths, often for weeks if not more at a time in the vein of repairwork and a multitude of other tasks. I found it super fascinating and it’s something I might look into working towards in the relative near future.

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