Dev Log #18 – Neil D – Menu

This Week:

I’ve been mainly working on the pause menus this week. The pause menu was just a placeholder, so I had to put everything together. It has been fun to mess around with the UI design and improve some aesthetic tastes.

Before I started to work on the menu, I thought I’d need to implement the tooltip. It kind of scared me since I haven’t done something similar. After some careful thought, I decided that the tooltip doesn’t work well in the case (or maybe I didn’t want to learn, shhh), so I used the traditional list + pages structure to make the menu.

Next Week:

There are no other tasks for me at the moment beside finishing the menu. I’d like to get some tasks that require the implementation of the tooltip, since it seems more interesting to mess around with it. 

There are some minor bugs I found while testing, maybe I’ll fix them as well.


I can’t wait for the summer to end. Soon as summer arrives, so do the bugs; all kinds of bugs. It’s quite weird how bugs are all gone in the winter and then suddenly respawn in the summer. I don’t know why, but I don’t want to know. Probably, no, definitely the last thing I want to do is to become an entomologist. Anyways, it’s at this time of the year that I want to some cool place, both literal and figurative. The Arctic might be a good place. There shouldn’t be any bugs in the Arctic, right?

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