Dev Log #18 – Theresa Merritt – More Art

Last Week

Last week, we had our second 90-day cycle meeting. We discussed what campaigns would work best for carrying out interviews and we were split into 2 teams. My team will be DM’ing potential customers and schedule interviews with them.

I also worked on finishing up the final version of the brand guide for Rosett. I had to change a few things around and make a few tweaks this week, but it’s mostly done.

For art, I finished coloring my rogue design. Here’s the final result:

I also fixed up my mage design from last week to better match Rosett’s aesthetic. The original design just felt out of place compared to the rogue. I had some difficulty deciding what the mage’s clothes should look like because mages usually wear long flowing gowns and we’re going for cyberpunk/hip-hop. I looked back at my references and was able to get a clear idea of what to do. Here’s the redesign:

This Week + Next Week

This week, I colored the mage design from last week. I think I’m getting a little better with color schemes as that used to be a struggle of mine when I first started character designing:

I also worked on fixing the lineart in my adventurer design because the clothing needed changes as well. Vince recommended I change her skirt to pants and add a short dagger for her weapon, so I went ahead and made the changes. I’m honestly happy with how it turned out:

We also had our third 90-day cycle meeting on Monday, and we were assigned with completing our teams’ setup tasks so we can start working on our launch tasks.

Next Week, I’ll be working on the last few follower concept pieces. Once I’m done with those, we’ll be moving on to evolved classes. If the brand guide needs further changes, I’ll work on that as well. For now, it’s just 90-day cycle work and concept art.

Media This Week

A friend of mine sent me a link to the trailer for Kirby’s Dream Buffet a few weeks ago because him and I both like Kirby and we were freaking out… and also dying of cuteness because c’mon, look at that face:

Adorableeeee 😭 I’m not sure when the release date is, but I hope to get it later this month as a little birthday present for myself.

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