Dev Log #19 – Brandon Crespo

This week

This week started off with me figuring out a fix to a bug that did not allow the Quest Journal to open after losing a bout. I looked for quite a bit on how I would be able to fix this and noticed that the Quest HUD was destroyed in the prosses of losing a bout. After looking a bit more I switched to another assignment to get my mind off it.

I worked on fixing the Quest HUD disappearing after the 1st buzzer bout and the “Q” key did not bring it back. This bug after a few tries of replicating I could not remake so I considered it a previous build bug that was fixed. The next two assignments were just like the previous assignment where I was not able to replicate them after quite a bit of attempts.

I then when back to my first assignment which still made no sense why the Quest HUD was not found by the script. I eventually went to look through the events in the ORK framework that controlled the win and loss of a bout. Then in the defeate event, my manager suggested that I add a unblock Input key node to the event and see what happens and that allowed the Quest Journal was fixed.

Right, when that issue was fixed I saw that an error with the buzzer magnet was happening. It seemed that the save was saving the magnet on the on state and when Otto lost the magnet was still on and had nothing to move towards so it caused the buzzer to remain stationary. This was fixed by saving before the magnet was activated and applied to every enemy that had the magnet.

The last two things I did this week were adjusting the fans so that the dancers or other fans are not always on top of each other. Then I changed the size of Otto in the boss bout to not make it not look like Otto shrunk from the Overworld to the bout.

Plans for next week

Plans for next week is to add a scene to Gakle based on the script.

This week’s media

This week’s media is from an artist that I love Porter Robinson. While his newest song is for League of Legends, which the game I am not too found of but, they do make some fantastic animations for songs made for them. 

I will also like to add a storyboard for Rise of the TMNT movie that did not make it to the animatic stage but even in the storyboard stage still looks spectacular.

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