This Week:

This was another quieter week with a lot of moving parts going on both through DVNC and in my life. It has been the continuation of the 90 day cycle works as that progresses into its next steps as well as the continuation of my marketing tasks. I have also been juggling  preparing for my next school term in the upcoming fall alongside other areas, but mainly a quiet week that is planned to be busier soon.

My Plans For Next Week:

My upcoming plans for this week involve a few tasks, starting with my continued marketing works. I’ll be additionally assisting with the interview process for both Rosette and SETVR in hopes to help manage some of those, and I’m hopeful to be assisting on some of the game design documentation for SETVR. It’s expected to be a busier week with much to do.

My Choice Of Media:

My choice of media for this week is Red Dead Online. While Rockstar somewhat neglected the online aspect of this game, I’ve found it enjoyable to play solo or with a small group of friends. Much to do in the western world, I’m a big fan of hunting animals and a game mode named Call To Arms.

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