This Week

I made a few changes to the Rosett Prototype GDD from last week into this week. I also made some updates to the Rosett Positioning Doc. Other than that, I was assigned some new work that ended up getting canceled.

Instead of the other work, I’ll be doing some work with DVNC’s Game Design Workbook. The Workbook is basically a guide to creating games the DVNC way, with templates for story bibles and character sheets, as well as art references and countless other helpful things. 

Next Week

I’ll be working on the Workbook in the next few weeks. Aside from that, I’ll also be doing some work with Honeybook, setting up some projects and contact sheets. I’ll be helping to organize various client projects and making sure everything is in order.

Belle - Music

A few months ago, I posted the trailer for the animated movie Belle. It finally came to HBO Max so I was able to watch it with some friends. It was pretty different than I expected, and surprisingly complicated. I enjoyed it, though my friends and I all agreed it was lacking some things narratively. 

I’d recommend it anyway, because the music was all really good. Considering the movie was about music and singing, I definitely expected a good soundtrack and was not disappointed. Above is my favorite of the various songs sung by Belle in the movie. A lot of the other songs were much more emotional, but I really enjoyed the upbeat energy of this one. 

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