Dev log #21 – Brandon Crespo

This week

This week I did not get to do much. I continued on making the director for Gackle’s movement to the stage where Otto fights him. I created for the director a way for Otto to move out of the way of Gackle. The only reason this took a bit was that for some reason and somehow that I don’t know Otto has a different XY-axis than everything else. For example, when you put Otto in the cords 200, 400 everything else that you put on top of Otto said 24, 36 as the XY cords.

This caused me to think a bit and realize that in the director I need to put the cords of what the XY position will be for everything else and not Otto’s cords for the position. Next, I added a Camra to follow Gackle to the stage and move back to Otto when that was done. The last thing I did this week was figuring out a bug that caused the creeper to disappear with one of the director calls.

Plans for next week

I don’t have any plans yet. I’ll just be ready for whatever is assigned to me next.

This week’s media

This week’s media is an animated short film called “My Little Goat”. I can’t explain it without spoiling what it is, but from the creator’s summary, “The mother goat rescues her little goats from the wolf’s belly. But, she can’t find Toruku, her eldest son! Where is Toruku?!”

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