Dev Log #21 – Neil D –  -_-”

This Week

I am still working on refactoring the battle-related scripts. I found out some ways to make the bout battle go smoother. There was one interesting thing I found while I was working on the bug if the player clicks too fast, the game will break. You might think that the transition state between the end of the player’s turn and the start of the enemy’s turn is just 2 phases. No, it’s not that simple. Here’s how it goes: 

Stage 1: right after the player cast the skill: Action Fired: True. Player’s turn.

Stage 2: after stage 1, there are a few frames where: Action Fired: False. Player’s turn.

Stage 3: now it’s the enemy’s turn. Action Fired: False. Enemy’s turn.

The way the tutorial scripts worked was doing everything inside the update function, so you could see the pointer go all over the place. Now, it is fixed.

Next Week

I am going to wrap up the battle script refactoring. After that, I will fix some bugs on the menu and fix the skill’s icon (and the animation, for some reason, the merge didn’t go well).






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