Dev Log #21 – Nicole Harmon

This Week

I wrote a new intro for the Rosett specific Game Design Workbook this week. I basically just took the old one and reformatted it to fit better to a mobile game. I also added some more details that I felt added to the value of the intro.

Aside from that, I’ve been watching intro videos to Honeybook, a client and project organization service. I’m doing this so I can create projects and contact forms in order to help keep track of various DVNC projects. Honeybook will be a huge help in ensuring that we have everything in order.

Next Week

I’ll likely be diving back into the Workbook next week and continuing to update the Honeybook stuff as necessary. I’d also like to get back into some of my writing work next week, but I have to check in with some other people about that. 

Furthermore, there’s always new work to be done for the Rosett 90 Day Cycle. We’re all doing interviews this week and next, gathering data on our target audience.

Bee and Puppycat Trailer

My roommate showed me this show a few months ago. It started as a series on Youtube but was picked up by Netflix a while ago. The trailer for the Netflix release was dropped recently. As far as I can tell from the trailer, the Netflix series will start as just a reanimated version of the original, however, I have hope it’ll end up being a really great series with new episodes that weren’t originally on Youtube. 

The characters are all really fun and the art style is cute. It’s a pretty bizarre show about a girl who finds Puppycat, who then takes her on weird temp jobs in space. I’m excited to see what Netflix does with the series.

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