Dev Log #21 – Theresa Merritt

Last Week

Last week, I began sending out emails to those that signed up. I requested to interview with them and will be speaking with them on Friday. I hope to gather a lot of great feedback that will be useful to our research.

I also finished working on my designs for the knight, archer, and assassin. Take a look:

This Week + Next Week

I haven’t done much this week besides filling out the necessary documents for our second 90-day cycle sprint for Rosett. They were due a few days ago but I had to submit mine a little late. I wanted to get a bit of artwork done over the weekend because I’ve been a bit behind.

I still need to work on some artwork that’s due next week because I took a break yesterday due to some minor wrist pain.

Next week, I’ll be working on style guide related work for Rosett. I’ll also be working on more 90-day cycle work. We’re trying to shoot for more sign-up’s and interviews this sprint and I think we’re doing pretty good so far. We’ve been making a lot of progress since the first one.

Media This Week

Nintendogs was one of my favorite DS games to play growing up. I’d play it nearly every day taking my dogs to disc competitions and agility trials. I didn’t like the obedience trials though because I’d get super frustrated. My dogs would either not listen to me or perform the wrong tricks 😭

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