This week

This week started with fixing up how the camera follows Gackle. At first I had the camera follow Gackle and not points this did not work so well because the camera is originally on a different Z-plane axis. So this caused the camera to move to a z cord of zero and not show some things in the game for a bit and sometimes show a black screen as it was panning. This caused me to just create 3 vertexes for the camera to go to that will retain its z cord.

Next, I worked on creating a new Gackle collision box that was slightly bigger than the first one and activates once Gackle reached the stage. I had quite a bit of problems with this one but soon realized that the first collision box was big enough for Otto to hit when interacting with Gackle on stage. So I just had the first collision box disappear after the first conversation ended with Gackle and reactivate when Gackle reaches the stage.

Currently, I am working on changing the way the spinner moves in the Boss bout. It is a bit different then what I have currently so it is taking me a bit to get it working properly with both the spinner fan and spinner fan ally but I feel I am close to finishing it.

Plans for next week

The plan for next week is to fix a weird bug with the curtains and then once done push and merge. With this I will be able to fix a save/loading bug.

This week's media

Last week was Gamescom and quite a few game trailers were shown. Basically, all of the games shown looked amazing but the ones I am looking forward to most are Dead Island 2 and The Callisto Protocol. Below is a link to an IGN page with most of the game trailers shown.

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