Dev Log #23 – Nicole Harmon

This Week

I’ve been adding to and finishing up some Honeybook templates this week. These templates are basically intros to DVNC’s services and what you get when you partner with them. I’ve never filled out anything so business-y, so it’s definitely been a learning process. I have to update some of the pages with the various services DVNC offers. Thankfully, there’s some existing documentation I can pull from.

There’s also one worldbuilding document for Rosett left to do, but I haven’t started it yet. 

Next Week

I’ll likely be doing this worldbuilding document next week as one of the last things I’ll do for my co-op. I’ve really enjoyed the writing assignments so I’m looking forward to it. Considering I’ll be writing about the rather complex politics of Rosett, it’s a bit daunting. However, I’m sure I can pull some things together without issue.

Moonlighter Concept Art

I recently started playing Moonlighter, a game I posted the trailer for a few weeks back. The art style is honestly one of my favorites that I’ve come across. I found one of the concept artists, David Aguado, on Artstation and decided to share some of their concepts. 

The people in Moonlighter are all very detailed, often carrying intricately decorated backpacks into your store as they shop during the day. I chose to highlight the above sketches particularly because it shows the care that went into designing each npc in the village. Overall, I haven’t been playing the game all that long but I’m enjoying it and love the art style.

(The header image on this post is also by David Aguado)

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