Dev Log #23, 24 – Neil D

This Week:

I have been working on recovering + fixing the character animations this week. It’s almost done; the character plays the correct animations when attacking or being attacked. They have the correct skills, and I also refactored the ORK to make it clearer. The only thing left is that when the speaker uses its “Rudiment” skill, the target is not playing the “damaged” animation, even though it has the complete set as others. 

Next Week:

This is my last week. There are a few more things I discovered before I wrapped up the animation fixes. The status effects and Gackle Bout changes didn’t get merged well. The battle scripts are not done refactoring. There are some other issues, but we’ll see if after the big merges those issues would still exist.


There is a musical about Michael Jackson. Everyone should go watch it. It’s great. Period. I remember watching his mv over and over again when I was young. Love the songs he made. “Heal The World,” ” Man In The Mirror,” ” You Are Not Alone.” He died too young. R.I.P.

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