Dev Log #24 – Theresa Merritt – Last Week of Co-op

Last Week

Last week, I worked on putting together Rosett’s style guide. In this guide, I go into detail on how I go about creating art for Rosett. I break down my creation process and talk about what I do during each stage from acquiring references to the final piece. I hope this guide serves as a useful tool for incoming interns and artists that will be working on Rosett.

This Week

This week, I was tasked with creating a few more environment assets for Rosett. Here are the assets I worked on:

I’m really satisfied with how the assets turned out and how quickly I was able to adapt Rosett’s style. When I first started working on art tasks, I had to draw a couple characters that were already designed. This was a test to see if I could pick up Rosett’s art style so I could work on more art for the game. The thought of replicating the style was nerve wracking because I was afraid I wouldn’t pick it up quickly and that I wasn’t capable enough. Thankfully it turned out to be the opposite, and I’m glad that I didn’t give up on myself.

Final Note

Thank you DVNC for providing me with an amazing co-op experience. I got to focus on doing what I love, art. I came in hoping to improve my artistic skills, especially with digital art, and I did just that. The tasks I’ve been given have helped me grow as an artist and I feel more confident now in what I make. I’ve gained lots of work experience from this co-op and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with such an awesome staff over the past 6 months. I wish the incoming interns best of luck and hope they enjoy working at DVNC just as much as I did.

Some Media Before I Go

I’ve been waiting for a while now for Ooblets to release and now it’s FINALLY here!!! It seems like such a cute and cozy game I can’t wait to play it. Don’t know what Ooblets is? Find out here:

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