Dev Log #24 – Brandon Crespo – The end of a cycle

This week

This week started with me finally getting the spinner new movement animation to move to the center of the stage. After that, I tested an enemy spinner with the same code and it worked pretty well until it came to the switching of sides. This broke it completely causing the spinner to either not appear or just get stuck in a loop of pulling up and dropping down.

Quite a bit of time was taken to find a fix to this and after I went to finding anything I needed to fix in the overworld with Gackle before I pushed. Sure enough, there were 2 problems, Gackle’s position was one because it was not saved on the stage. This was solved by just adding a script to Gackle. The second is one that I am currently working on. The cutscene that was played before Otto entered the bout with Gackle is being played again no matter what happens in the bout.

Plans for this week

Since this is the last week of my CO-OP I want to finish what is on my plate before the end of this week. This CO-OP has been a fun one and I learned a lot about Unity during this 6-month cycle which honestly only felt like 2 months. I loved my stay here and just want to thank DVNC for allowing me to be a part of the team.

This week’s media

The last share of media is about Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. This is a 10-ep Netflix original based in the same world as the game Cyberpunk 2077 and was animated by one of the best animation studios out there, Studio Trigger. This show was a ride and shows that Studio Trigger is still one of the best. It also made me want to play the game now especially since they just had an update for the release of Edgerunners.

Along with the trailer is a music video for the ending theme of Edgerunners and a little story that is not a part of Edgerunners so I recommend a watch.

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