This Week

I was given an editing assignment this week. Each of the followers in Rosett had little descriptions or “flavor text” written about them. It was a roughly ten or eleven page document that I went through and edited for grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and clarity issues. 

Considering the descriptions were already quite good, there wasn’t a ton I had to change in terms of actual language or style. I was mostly fixing grammar issues and the occasional sentence that just didn’t flow quite right. I’ve always really enjoyed editing other people’s work, so this was a pretty good assignment for me.

Next Week

The other co-op students and I go back to classes next week. I have a pretty packed schedule so it’ll definitely be a huge change from the last few months which were a bit less busy. I think I’ll miss working on Rosett world building the most. I really appreciate DVNC giving me some writing assignments despite it being outside of my co-op job description. 

Arcane: Bridging the Rift - A Making of Docuseries

I feel comfortable calling Arcane a cultural phenomenon akin to Stranger Things or even Squid Game (though these were definitely both more popular). The amount of people who loved it that had never played League before was pretty incredible, and because it bridged target audiences like that I’m still in awe of its reach. When Riot said they’d be doing a docuseries about its creation, I was pretty excited to watch it. 

I’ve been waiting for all of the episodes to come out before I watch them, and though I think they’re all out I haven’t watched them just yet. However, various behind the scenes clips and early animation rough clips have been going around online because of this series, so I figured I’d give the trailer a watch. 

Arcane also recently won an Emmy for Best Animated Program, which was more than deserved. I’m super excited for season 2 and can’t wait for more content. Things like Arcane sometimes make the pain of playing League a little more worth it. 

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