Carolina Escobar – Dev-Log # 1

DVNC Onboarding- Round 2

This is my second year doing my co-op at DVNC! It’s very fascinating to see how this company’s projects have developed in the 6 months I was gone. I am truly so honored to return and its very touching to see the work I have created being expanded and improved by the other talented team members! I am most impressed by the changes in Rosett, as I have been working on the project’s art from the very beginning! Overall, it has undergone beautiful changes and is shaping up to be a very ambitious, unique game. 


The onboarding process has also been changed, and I truly feel welcomed back. Overall, most of the work done this week has been introductory surveys and goal-oriented exercises. I find this course of action much more preferable as it gives us the chance to choose our paths for this co-op. It was very eye-opening to envision my life, career, and personal goals for the next five years and allowed for me to really contemplate my decisions. This co-op is very suited for all types of students and I’m excited to work with the new team. At least I can come back to familiar faces too!

Survey and Template Activities

This co-op, we are encouraged to think of the project more holistically. All members of the team this first week were expected to do lots of writing activities regarding business principles regarding Rosett and DVNC as a whole. Individually, we had to fill out the Lean Canvas and the Customer Factory Blueprints so that we could compare our results with one another the following week. I have never had experience with this in my last co-op at DVNC so this was a challenging, fun activity! I have not started any art yet.

Other than that, we had the 5-year, 3-year, 1-year, and end of co-op goal activity. Obviously, this task is much more subjective based on the individual, but it still provided a lot of introspection. I also felt it was a good way to break the ice with the other co-ops. Overall, I liked the amount of thought and self-evaluation involved in this assignment.

This Week’s Media

As per one of my goals, I went and watched a movie this week with my sister. Honestly, I am a little out of touch and had no idea this movie was in theatres already. I am so glad I watched The Woman King, it was a powerful, moving story about a female army’s role in protecting it’s kingdom. Every single character was memorable, every fight scene was intense and beautifully choreographed, and the story was harrowing and deeply human. I walked out of the theatre feeling inspired and pumped and its definitely an amazing start to my new moving-watching quota! If you need a great, gripping action movie about bad-ass women with an equally gripping and tragic story, this is by far one of the best I’ve seen!

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