DevLog #1 – DeAngelo Buxton – First Week

Week One Onboarding

The first week of DVNC was a typical onboarding procedure for the company. I wasn’t really sure what to have expected from the “Game Art” Position, but so far it seems like I’m being asked to do things that are actually related to the job field I want to profession in which is very nice. Everyone seemingly seems nice and welcoming as well. I haven’t have much to say on anything else.

Besides that, doing the Business Sheets things were very weird. I had to ask my friend for help to properly deliver what was asked of me since it was something I had never done before. He was very excited to help me.

Week 2 Deliverables

This week, I’m tasked of doing a few things.
1. Learn Blender and make a donut
2. Do 10 Magitech plant designs
– It seems like Carolina has gone for a more magic route (which honestly seems like a lot more fun design wise) while I’ve focused more on the tech side of things. It was really cool to see her interpretations of her designs that will help me later down the line.
3. 3 Follower designs

I’m gunning to finish the designs all before the weekend, so I can take my time learning Blender’s UI.

Media Share

Decision to Leave is a movie trailer that kind of just appeared out of nowhere and now I’m left waiting to see if it it’s really good or not. I can’t say much about it since I don’t know what the plot is and I don’t want it to be spoiled. I’m just excited to see it.

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