Jordan Freifeld Dev log 1

This Week:

This was my first week on co-op for DVNC I started later than everyone else so I spent this week trying to learn everything and figuring out co-op and career goals.

My Plans For Next Week:

I plan to start marketing for rosette play testing. I’m still getting used to things so for now I just plan to do the tasks I am assigned which involve following and unfollowing people on the social media accounts.

My Choice Of Media:

This week my choice of media is splatoon 3.

I honestly think it’s a really fun fps. I like the gyro controls for aiming and the game mechanics are really unique both the single player campaign and the multiplayer modes and weapons. The world and design are also pretty fun and i like a lot of the character designs. I recommend this for anyone looking for a unique fps game. BTW my switch friend code is SW-6513-5521-5815

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