DevLog 2 – The Start

Last Week

This week was the start of the COOP for real. It was nice to be able to draw and think of concepts. Although, I found it a bit tricky without some of preexisting concepts or not having some defined enough for me, it was fun to play around with.

Learning Blender was something that was and is going to continue to be a bit of a struggle considering the massive amounts of features it has. I will probably feel more comfortable with it given another week or two to really explore and play around with its functions.

Worst case scenario, I’ll actually like blender and have a 3D modelling crisis.

This Week

I really want to spend more time for Blender stuff, and since I don’t have any other 2D concepts to do for the upcoming future I can really crack down and explore some of these texturing and geometry node features which I’m very excited for.

Also going over Daz will be pretty fun. (I Hope)

This Week Media

I don’t have anything to show :(, however I am going to Comic Con this weekend and I’m hoping people will like some of the covers I did for some comic book characters.

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