Jordan Freifeld Dev log week 2 marketing

This week I started scheduling posts for the monochrome and Rosset Twitter accounts. I also started following and unfollowing people on the DVNC and addyay accounts.

There were some technical difficulties and communication errors but now they’ve been solved and work should continue smoothly in the future. I’m also preparing to help showcase a VR game for DVNC at a convention next week I’ll write about my experience next dev log

This week’s media Kaiju no 8 manga

A newer shonen jump manga I found to be quite good. The story is about a world where people have to deal with constant kaiju attacks. Kafka hibino a member of the clean-up crew for these attacks used to want to be a soldier along with his childhood friend Mina Ashiro but he failed the exam whereas she passed. Dejected he is content spending the rest of his life cleaning up monster guts until a young man named Leno Ichikawa who aims to become a solider joins and after both are attacked and save each other Kafka’s passion to join the soldiers reignites and they decide to train for the application exam together. However the same night he goes to bed he wakes up a monster.

That’s the basic premise and I don’t want to spoil anything else about it. An anime adaption has been confirmed but I’m not sure when it will release.

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