Environment Design for Advertising

For this month, there is going to be a heavy emphasis on materials for marketing and social media advertising. Vince introduced me to the many kinds of game advertisements as well as tricks to get potential players interested in our product. For this week, I was tasked with creating potential environments to use as materials for Rosett’s marketing. While these terrains don’t necessarily have to exist yet in the game, it was fun to flex my creative muscles. I like vast spaces with monumental structures so I decided to use open air as the main motif for these sketches.

Potential Environment 1

Potential Environment 2

Potential Environment 3

This Week's Wrap Up

Overall, I am very satisfied with the end result for each of these images. I think I managed to create a lot of variety and interest without being too obtrusive or distracting. I think with some more work and clean up, these all have the potential to be great environments for Rosett’s gameplay and advertising purposes! These are all still very rough and I look forward to receiving even more feedback as I move forward. 

There will be more of these kinds of projects in the near future, especially those pertaining to advertisements. I am super excited to begin working on more follower designs. 

This Week's Media

Me and some friends watched Kingsman: The Secret Service this week! It was a lot of fun but not typically my kind of movie. I thought it was very entertaining if not a bit campy, though. The fight scenes are super cool and the overall aesthetic direction of the movie are great. As long as you don’t mind not taking a movie too seriously, I highly recommend watching with friends. Me and the same buddies are probably going to watch the sequels this weekend and I am looking forward to it.

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