Last Week

Closing out on last week, I downloaded a test build of Monochrome in order to cycle through a list of known bugs to recreate! I also began working through the Xsolla tutorial I need to complete.

This Week


I am currently working through getting Xsolla functional in my own Unity project. The program has many different moving parts, most of which I have complete. After accessing my virtual store through my own device, I hope to review the last coop’s work on Rosett so that I may build off of it.


After my Rosett work, I would like to work through the list of known bugs in Monochrome to try to recreate them.

Media This Week

A new champion was released in Legends of Runeterra! She’s one of my favs from the base game. I really look forward to playing her, when I get the time! Check out her trailer!

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