Elementor #11822

Week 3 and 4 Dev Log

The past two weeks have been a little hectic with me going back and forth on my computer. However, this past two weeks have been me focusing more on the 3D side of things.

So far, I’ve learned the blender donut and started the rough draft of the classic table for a Metaverse prop. I did send it to Nick but he just gave it a sunglasses emoji so I hope that means that it’s okay.

Otherwise, there was Daz which is pretty neat to mess around with. Sucks how even after downloading the program there is still more stuff to download but its really fun. It’s pretty much like a character creation screen.

Around now, it’s time to make more Daz characters and conceptualizing an environment design for an area. I wanna knock out the Daz stuff first cause I can handle to concept alot better later.

As for some things that I’ve done. I went to Comic-Con! 

I have a lot of work to do in order to improve my art. Mainly clothes and lighting. So that’s a small personal goal on the list now

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