Carolina Escobar – Dev-log #4

Environment Design Continued

Last week, I did a lot of work surrounding environment development for potential advertisements. This week was mainly focused on elaborating, improving, and creating potential new ones. Overall, there is a lot of overlap from the previous week. I did some splicing to combine elements of environments as well as entirely new regions based on a triangular motif. This week was really fun and I liked the feedback I received from everybody. It’s very cool to see my ideas take shape and be improved and iterated on by both myself and others.

Revised Design from Last Week

For this environment, there was a lot of similarity to another regarding rectangular prisms. Both had very angular looks so it made sense to combine the two in a single entity. Overall, I think this piece has a better balance of hierarchy and that there is more going on. The small square structures are meant to resemble the singular, larger cube from another environment and they fit well as accompanying pieces rather than the main focus. I am excited to continue working on this piece.

New Environment

For this environment, I was told to adopt a more triangular focus for the structures. I made two variations, both taking place beneath the ground with sunlight poking through cracks in the ceiling. I personally like both of these versions, but I’m leaning toward the cityscape just because it fits the source material much better than the more classical, castle one. 

Finished Background Advertisement

I managed to complete one background so far! I am very happy with the results but open to additional feedback. I finished this one quickly just to get an idea of how the environments may look when they’re all completed. I like it a lot.

This Week’s Media

I’m replaying Dragon Quest XI again! I played this game on the switch a few years ago but really wanted to revisit it after my friend lent me his Playstation 5. I originally played the definitive edition and I had no idea how much was actually exclusive to that version! I may have to go back and get my original switch copy and play it all again. Overall, I really like this game and I am so thankful to be able to play it again. Highly recommend for anyone who likes JRPGs! (Also Hero is my main is Smash so…)

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